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José Rego / NLP Coach & Connection Expert

hello, I'm José

I am here to show you how to create powerful connections while building successful and fulfilling relationships.

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business coaching


Are you concerned that your corporate culture might be stifling outcomes?  Are you tired of doing damage control and coaching your team members to play well with each other?  Are you not sure how to develop top talent and get them to the next level?

i can help you

personal coaching


Do you yearn to live a more fulfilling life?  Are you frustrated with repeating the same negative patterns over and over again? Do unexpected life events leave you unmotivated to pursue your dreams?  Are you finally ready to take that "leap" but are not sure how to?

i can help you

workshops & keynotes


Not sure how to make that annual event relevant, powerful and motivating?  Are you tired of keynote speakers that ramble on without bringing real and tangible value in their message? Do you need to give your people the competencies and confidence to develop strong business relationships? 

i can help you


“Jose’s approach to coaching is simple, direct and personal! First address whatever is blocking the creative flow, and second, identify a personal success strategy based on your own style.” ~ Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki – President, Facts Global Energy

“Enchanting, bordering on the magical! José’s unique connection with his audience engages them and immerses them in the subject at hand.” ~ Nicholas Eldridge – Learning & Development Manager, Leading Global Security Company

“José Rego is a passionate and enthusiastic coach & trainer who consistently brings out the best in his audience. He brings a rare mix of professionalism, humor, expertise and personality to the classroom.” ~ Erin Langevin – President, Langevin Learning Services

"As a result of the skills learned and practiced through my work with José, I have achieved unexpected greatness in both my personal and professional life." ~ Jenna Zaffino, Founder/Director; Helios Center for Movement


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