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Jose Rego NLP Coach

I grew up in Puerto Rico, and in 1984 I relocated to Miami - where I was born - seeking new opportunities. 

After twelve years in administration and project management I returned to the field of Personal Development.  I joined Langevin Learning Services - the world's largest train-the-trainer company - as a course leader and performance consultant.  I helped the top training organizations around the world to become better at what they do.  My Langevin clients include: Disney, Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, McKinsey & Co., John Deere, Dupont, & Darden Restaurants. 

This amazing career led me to understand a unique opportunity amongst the numerous organizations I supported; and that is that most people:

  • long to create and enjoy deeper connections, 
  • are doing the best they know how to do in life even though it may not be the very best they can do,
  • wish to achieve results at work as much as personal fulfillment and satisfaction as much as they also are confused as to what strategies and techniques will work uniquely for them in pursuing those goals; and 
  • are personally deeply driven by their desire to leave a legacy in life while also struggling with their own self-mastery.

I have a Training & Development Diploma with Certifications as a Performance Consultant, Master Trainer, & Emotional Intelligence Coach. As a licensed NLP Master Practitioner I guide you through your own strengths and areas of growth, helping you reach your goals with ease, confidence and zeal. I firmly believe that regardless of the questions, the Answers are Contained Within!  

Life is the pursuite of progress, not perfection.  Self development and growth don't ever mean to imply we are supposed to know all the answers from that point on.  Rather, opportunities for personal expansion and rediscovery come up at our new level of awareness and experience.

I live in Miami, FL, love food, music and languages, and I especially enjoy traveling and creating deep connections with people around the world as I expand my own understanding of this human experience we know as LIFE!

Here's to Life!

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