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business coaching


In additional to your strategic, financial and operational plans, your corporate culture and dynamics play a key role in sustaining organizational impact and growth.

High performing teams are characterized by a delicate blend of competencies.  Healthy interpersonal dynamics are one of them. Clashing operating styles, poor communication and friction between team members are problems that need to be addressed before they become unmanageable.

  • build rapport & connections with ease
  • master your own behavioral styles & tendencies
  • use language that gets people inspired
  • influence associates and motivate clients in an organic & fuild manner
  • build the trust that generates repeat clients and accomplished associates
  • coach others to thrive at their highest level of performance
  • assess strengths and opportunities when building leaders and high functioning teams
  • create a loyalty culture that sets you apart

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personal coaching


You wish to nourish and invest in your personal relationships and commit time to building real connections.

To better relate to others, you begin with gaining a deeper understanding of yourself. The way you experience relationships is fundamentally based on your personal filters and patterns; so the more clarity you gain about them the more rewarding your personal interactions become.

  • identify your personal filters and why you see things the way you do
  • address unresolved limiting beliefs that negatively impact your ability to connect with others
  • identify both positive and negative behavioral patterns and their impact on your relationships
  • address incongruent behaviors and develop positive ones to improve your quality of life
  • develop a mindful connection to your personal purpose and design the life you long for 
  • assess how your current Core Value System is working for or against you

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workshops & keynotes


Turn your event into an impactful memorable one that everybody will be talking about!  Get them excited, motivated & engaged!  

As a keynote speaker I believe in humor, simplicity, fun and bringing a sense of purpose and practicality that allows your audience to relate to the topic directly and personally.

Wish to develop strong business relations and support? Book a workshop or a retreat where your group can acquire the skills to go beyond everyday interpersonal dynamics.

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the power of an authentic connection


dare to go beyond dynamics

Connection is more than simple communication; it is a field of possibilities that thrives when we use any series of skills specifically designed to create, maintain & manage human inter-dynamics.


BEYONDynamics Coaching©  is a fusion of Coaching, Leadership Training and NLP Techniques meticulously crafted to your specific business or personal goals; and aimed at generating results.

taking rapport to another level

Knowing how to access and use your cognitive, emotional and visceral intelligence effectively is a key factor in how you relate to others and how you help others, in return, relate to you. 


Whether you're looking to inspire, lead, coach or manage those you work with to reach results, take sales to that next level,  or to transform your personal relationships you want your connections to be personal, authentic & transparent; opening the space for others to seek the same.

With BEYONDynamics Coaching©  you  first master your own internal processes and relational preferences.  How you've been wired to take in, classify, store and access information throughout your life impacts your own unique internal experience of whatever is going on in your work or home environment.  And the same, of course, is true for everyone else around you.

The deeper your understanding about people's 'unique map of the territory' (their own perception of things) as well as your own, the stronger the connections you develop. 

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